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This site was carefully crafted and brought to fruition by the incredibly talented Ben Mills. The site was designed by Nancy’s oldest and undisputed tallest child Sam Rosen.

A little about me..

Nancy was born in Chicago and except for her four years at the Kansas City Institute of Art where she earned a BFA in painting and sculpture, this is where she has remained. During that time Nancy has devoted her life to painting, exhibiting and teaching. Nancy has shown her work in galleries and exhibits across the country. Nancy's paintings are hard to categorize as they mix media and surfaces freely but most of the work is figurative. She combines oil bars, china markers, graphite, oil paints on a variety of surfaces including gessoed paper, pieced and hand made exotic papers linen, rice paper. The pieces feature infinite detail and layers, textures and colors. Nancy has shown in a wide variety of settings including numerous solo shows, venues include Kansas City Artist Coalition, Elmhurst Museum, Milliken University, Illinois Art Institute. Nancy is a prolific and dedicated painter and a gifted teacher and mentor.

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